Phil Bell

’11 PhD

Phil did an undergrad honours thesis on Plio-Pleistocene mammals at Macquarie University, Australia, for which he picked up the University Medal. He became an authority on hadrosaurs, partly from his doctoral research on Saurolophus from Alberta and Mongolia, earning a PhD with Specialization in Systematics and Evolution in 2011. Other interests include taphonomy, palaeopathology, and dinosaur behaviour. Phil is now a Senior Lecturer at University of New England in Australia, leading fieldwork at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. He has done fieldwork in Mongolia and continues to run expeditions around Grande Prairie as part of the Boreal Alberta Dinosaur Project. A couple of research highlights include description of fossilized hadrosaur skin and development of geochemical ‘fingerprinting’ that may help in repatriation efforts for poached dinosaur fossils.



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