Colton Coppock


Colton’s research is primarily focused on the ontogeny, taxonomy, and biostratigraphy of the Dinosaur Park Formation tyrannosaurid, Daspletosaurus. It has long been acknowledged that a species of Daspletosaurus was present in the rocks of the Dinosaur Park Formation, however the taxonomic identity remains uncertain. Colton aims to bring clarity to the identity of the species through a reassessment of described Daspletosaurus material in the literature and a comprehensive review of previously undescribed material.

Born and raised in Calgary, Colton obtained his first undergraduate degree in 2016 from SAIT in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. Afterwards, Colton decided to pursue his lifelong passion for palaeontology he returned to school and obtained a BSc with specialization in Palaeontology in 2022 from the University of Alberta. His undergraduate research focused on Albertosaurus material from the Danek Bonebed of Edmonton, Alberta from which he found evidence of cannibalism within the species. Colton actively participates in field work throughout the summer across the prairies of Alberta, including co-leading the student lead fieldwork near Morrin, Alberta. Throughout the fall and winter he acts as a supervisor for the evening Dino Lab volunteer preparation program.


Coppock, C. C., & Currie, P. J. 2024. Additional Albertosaurus sarcophagus (Tyrannosauridae, Albertosaurinae) material from the Danek bonebed of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with evidence of cannibalism. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 61(3): 401-407.