Gorm Raun


Gorm is currently studying the morphological variation of the tyrannosaurid Tarbosaurus from the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia with a focus on ontogeny. The Nemegt Formation is dominated by Tarbosaurus fossils, yet few juvenile specimens have been described in depth, and the exact amount of variation present within the taxon has not been assessed closely either.
By researching specimens of Tarbosaurus from different age groups and locations, he can aim to better understand the development and variation of tyrannosaurids throughout their life. Gorm has participated in palaeontological fieldwork since the summer of 2022 where he got his first taste of dinosaur fieldwork in Northern Alberta.
Gorm hails from the Capital Region of Denmark and completed his BSc of Geology-Geoscience at the University of Copenhagen. In his thesis, he described a skull of Cynodictis lacustris and reassessed the taxonomy of other specimens from the palaeontological collections at the Natural History Museum Denmark. Gorm’s passion for ancient life was ignited at six years old when he saw his first documentary about dinosaurs. He has since pursued the field with a dream of working as a palaeontologist. Inspired by his experience doing fieldwork in Grande Prairie, Gorm decided to apply to the University of Alberta and the Currie Lab to work on his favorite group of animals, Dinosaurs.



Email: gormskou@ualberta.ca