Clive Coy

CliveCoyDinoLabI am the senior technician in the Vertebrate Paleontology Department, here at the University of Alberta.  I have collected and prepared a wide variety of vertebrate fossils for research and exhibition for over 30 years.  I enjoy the ‘dirty-hands’ aspect of my work, as well as the exchange of ideas with scientists and students from around the world.  I supervise two specimen preparation laboratories:  DINO-LAB, which is a part of Dr. Phil Currie’s Dinosaur Paleobiology Programme, and Z423, a lab shared with other vertebrate palaeontology research programmes.


2017:  Dinosaures Les Geants Du Vignoble:  Angeac-Charente, France.

2017:  Desert, Steppes and Dinosaurs.  University of Alberta Alumni.  Mongolia.

2016-2017: The Dinosaur Exhibition 2016. National Museum of Science and Nature. Tokyo, Japan.

2014-2015: Discovering Dinosaurs. Exhibition. Edmonton, Alberta.

2014: Dino Stars. Exhibition. Edmonton, Alberta.

2014: Dinosaurs of the Red Deer River. Explorers Club Expedition. Alberta, Canada.

2010: Canada-Argentina Dinosaur Project. Las Lajas, Patagonia.

2009: Korea International Dinosaur Project. Hwaseong, Korea.

2001-2008: Canada-Mongolia Project Ulaanbaator, Mongolia [10 trips]

2006: Svalbard Marine Reptiles. Museum of Geology. Oslo, Norway.

1998: Japan-Mongolia Palaeontological Expedition. [Hayashibara] Gobi, Mongolia.

1996: Dinosaur Daze. Vernon, British Columbia.

1996: Kong-Long: Dinosaurs from the Gobi. Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology

1993: The Dinosaur Project. An International Exhibit. Ex-Terra Foundation

1990: Hitachi Dinoventure. Tokyo, Japan.

1986: Field Station of the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Dinosaur Provincial Park.

1982-85: Building exhibits prior to public opening. Royal Tyrrell Museum

1980: Discovering Dinosaurs. Provincial Museum of Alberta, Edmonton.

Clive Coy
Chief Technician
Dinosaur Palaeobiology
Dept. Biological Sciences
CW004 Biological Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2E9Tel:  780 – 492 – 9366
Fax: 780 – 492 – 9234