Graduate Student Opportunities:

A graduate research position (MSc or PhD) is available in Dr. Lien Luong’s research group ( at the University of Alberta. Project background: Exposure to parasites can lead to changes in host behavior, morphology, or physiology, even in the absence of infection. These non-consumptive effects (NCE) can be understood in the context of the “ecology of fear”. Potential projects include, but are not limited to investigating the: 1) state-dependent nature of NCE, 2) trait-mediated NCE, 3) NCE of parasites on host metabolism, and 3) evolutionary consequences of NCE. Successful applicants will investigate these questions using a fruit fly-mite system, applying concepts and techniques from behavioral ecology, physiological ecology, and/or experimental evolution. To learn more, please send a brief statement of your research experience/interest and a copy of your curriculum vitae to