My name is Priyatha and I am from south India. I moved to Edmonton in 2020 and started my Masters degree in 2021 in the Evenden Lab.

My research focuses on the evaluation of capture methods and seasonal movement of alfalfa weevil in alfalfa fields grown for seed in Alberta. I also identified Sitona weevil species collected from the bycatch. I used different trap types to collect weevils throughout the growing season from alfalfa fields in Brooks. The study will help to observe the movement of alfalfa weevils to and from the fields in search of overwintering sites. The knowledge about the monitoring practices and the movement of alfalfa weevils during the growing season will help growers protect their crops and initiate timely management strategies, thus reducing the insecticide input and yield loss.

Apart from my studies, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and being outdoors in nature!