For my PhD research, I am investigating the endemic niche of mountain pine beetle (MPB; Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins) in Northern Alberta. I am trying to assess MPB densities for successful attack threshold in lodgepole, hybrid and jack pine stands in Alberta. I will also be looking at how density of attack and host tree affects dispersal behaviour of the beetle. I am also more broadly interested in host switching and how MPB is adapting to its new host jack pine, from its native host lodgepole pine. I hope to add data to figuring out how and why the beetle is establishing and spreading (or not establishing and spreading) through the boreal forest. My research background is in chemical and behavioural ecology, largely under the umbrella of pest management. I have worked with animals from aphids to house mice but insects are my first and truest love. I am also passionate about teaching entomology, hanging out with my cat, and listening to punk rock.