Boyce Lab

Past M.Sc. Students


Josh Pigeon, 2024. M.Sc.

Cranial morphometrics of pine marten (Martes americana) and weather during development.

Grace Enns, 2021. M.Sc.
Stone sheep project

Jenny Foca, 2021. M.Sc.
Ungulate abundance in Elk Island National Park

Meghan Beale, 2019. M.Sc.
Is cougar habitat selection on a reclaimed mine based on prey availability?

Samantha Widmeyer, 2019. M.Sc.
Using Stable Isotopes to Infer Diet Specialization in Cougars (Puma concolor)

Tyler Trump, 2019. M.Sc.
Increasing average age of bull elk in southwest Alberta without a limited entry hunt (LEH)

Emily Blythe, 2019. M.Sc.
Predation effects on waterfowl production

Anne Loosen, 2017. M.Sc.
Black bear monitoring project

Christina Prokopenko, 2015. M.Sc.
Winter range ecology for elk in SW Alberta

Dana Seidel, 2014. M.Sc.
Understanding home range development in elk

Jeremy Banfield, 2012. M.Sc.
Characterizing cougar (Puma concolor) behaviours from movement metrics in southwestern Alberta

Michelle Bacon, 2010. M.Sc.
Ecology of cougars in the Cypress Hills of Alberta and Saskatchewan

Mara Erickson, 2010. M.Sc.
Evaluating the abundance of the Western Grebe in Alberta

Andrea Morehouse, 2010. M.Sc.
Prey composition, habitat selection and movement of wolves in southwest Alberta

Joe Northrup, 2010. M.Sc.
Effects of road and access management on grizzly bears

Christine Robichaud, 2009. M.Sc.
Evaluation of caribou management strategies

Tammy McLash, 2008. M.Sc.
Models for pheasant habitats in SE Alberta

Hawthorne Beyer, 2006. M.Sc.
Do predators structure ecosystems?

Jennifer Carpenter, 2006. M.Sc.
West Nile virus and sage-grouse conservation in Alberta

Carrie Roever, 2006. M.Sc.
Grizzly bear associations with roads

Catherine Shier, 2006. M.Sc.
Synchrony between mink and muskrat populations in Canada

Shevenelle Webb (Mullen), 2006. M.Sc.
Fur harvests and landscape Change in West-Central Alberta

Kirby Smith, 2004. M.Sc.
Population models for caribou

Julie Mao, 2003. M.Sc.
Habitat ecology of elk influenced by wolf predation

Travis Ripley, 2003. M.Sc.