Boyce Lab

Past Postdoc & Ph.D. Students


Camille Warbington, 2021. Ph.D, Research Assistant
Ecology of Sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekii) in central Uganda

Timm Doebert, 2021. Post Doc
AGGP Grazing Study

Mariana Nagy-Reis, 2019. Postdoc
A retrospective analysis of white-tailed deer and mule deer demographic and harvest data in North Dakota

Conor Mallory, 2019. Ph.D.
Qamanirjuaq caribou movement and habitat use

Matthew Scrafford, 2017. Ph.D.
Effects of industry on wolverine (Gulo gulo) ecology in the boreal forest of northern Alberta

Tal Avgar, 2017. Banting Postdoc

Andrew Ladle, 2016. Ph.D.
Human access management in west-central Alberta: Implications for movement and behaviour of grizzly bears

Andrea Morehouse, 2016. Ph.D.
Grizzly bear population ecology and large carnivore conflicts in southwestern Alberta

Katie Christie, 2015. Postdoc
A retrospective analysis of Pronghorn fawn recruitment and demographic data in North Dakota (1958-2013)

Henrik Thurfjell, Postdoc
Movement ecology and behaviour of elk in SW Alberta.

Gabby Yates, 2014. Ph.D.
Lynx cycles and barriers: evaluating dispersal versus climate change in flat-lining populations

Bogdan Cristescu, 2013. Ph.D.
Grizzly bear response to open-pit mining in Western Alberta, Canada

Kyle Knopff, 2010.  Ph.D.
Cougar prey selection and population ecology in western Alberta

Cheryl Chetkiewicz, 2008.  Ph.D.
Conservation of large carnivores in fragmented landscapes:  using habitat and movement models to define wildlife corridors in the Rocky Mountains

Sophie Czetwertynski, 2008.  Ph.D. Co-supervised with F. K. A. Schmiegelow.
Effects of hunting on the behaviour and demographics of black bears

Nathan Varley, 2007.  Ph.D.
Yellowstone elk response to wolves

Cameron Aldridge, 2005.  Ph.D.
Developing a habitat-based population viability model for Sage-Grouse in southeastern Alberta

Lana Ciarniello, 2005.  Ph.D.
Habitat ecology of grizzly bears in the Parsnip river drainage

Donna Hurlburt, 2004.  Ph.D.
Yucca Moths

Scott Nielsen, 2004.  Ph.D.
Habitat selection by Yellowhead grizzly bears and a habitat-based population viability analysis