Boyce Lab

Current Lab Members

Ian Gazeley, Ph.D.
Movement ecology of bighorns and risk of contact with domestic sheep and goats in southern Alberta

Michelle Hoang, M.Sc.
Distribution and ecology of sea wolves in coast British Columbia

Wyatt Villetard, M.Sc.
Movement ecology of Sandhill Cranes in Alberta

Kathryn Vaughan, M.SC.

Winter Severity Index

Tawnee Dupuis, M.SC.

Habitat useĀ  and movement of black bears in response to the development of a wind power plant

Hannah Bordin, M.SC.

Effects of hunting and trapping on wild boar (Sus scrofa) ecology in Alberta

Julien Gullo, M.SC.

Movement Ecology of Stone’s Sheep in response to hunter presence

Murshed Ahmed Ovi, Ph.D. ( Co-supervised. Primary supervisor: Prof. Hao Wang )

Model of Hydra Effect