BioSci Locker Rentals

Tired of carrying around heavy textbooks? Looking for a place to stash your winter coat? Look no further! The Biology Graduate Students Association is offering locker rentals starting in the Winter 2024 semester!

The full-sized lockers are conveniently located in the Biological Sciences Building Centre Wing third floor. Rentals are $16/semester for the Fall and Winter Terms and $8/semester for the Spring and Summer Terms (renters are expected to bring their own locks). Access is available during building hours.

If you are interested in renting a locker, please email for more information. Please include “Locker rental” in the subject line.



Locker Rental Contract

This contract outlines rules and regulations which must be followed by all renters of Biology Graduate Students Association (BGSA) lockers. The BGSA executive reserves the right to amend rules and regulations with notice to locker renters. 


Rules and Regulations: 

  1.   Locks are to be supplied by the renter.
  2.   Renters will only be eligible to rent out lockers in the following areas:
  •  Biological Sciences Building, 3rd floor, Centre Wing (building hours: 07:00 – 16:00 Monday – Friday; weekends and holidays closed)
  1. Lockers will be rented at a rate of $16/semester for the Fall and Winter Terms and $8/semester for the Spring and Summer Terms.
  • If a renter wishes to rent a locker for part of a semester, they will be charged $4/month starting the date they sign the contract and renewing on the first of that month.
  • Renters can pay via etransfer to
  1. BGSA shall provide access, i.e. cut off the lock, to any locker when asked by Campus Security, the University of Alberta Administration, the R.C.M.P., or the Edmonton City Police.
  2. The renter of any locker shall be responsible for any illegal actions and illicit material pertaining to or found within the locker.
  3. Any locker which is requested to be vacated for the breach of contract must be vacated by the date assigned. Any property left within the locker will be held for 7 days before being discarded.
  4. The user of the locker must sign the contract for the locker before any lock is placed on the locker. Failure to do so will result in the REMOVAL of the lock and the contents of the locker.
  5. It is understood that the BGSA will remove locks not removed by the owner on the last day of the rental and that contents will be held for 7 days before being discarded.                                                                                                                                               
  6. The BGSA is not responsible for the contents of the locker.
  7. The rental term runs from the date of purchase to December 21 for the Fall Term, April 28 for the Winter Term, June 20 for the Spring Term, and August 20 for the Summer Term.