Equity Diversity & Inclusion

EDI is an important issue to the BGSA.  We gladly and proudly represent and serve the entire community of students in the Department of Biological Sciences; students of all skin-tones, all genders, all sexual preferences, all cultures, all races, all abilities, and any other identity.  We value every human being and we will do our best to ensure everyone in our department feels supported, respected, and valued.

In 2019, the BGSA formed a committee to champion EDI in the Department of Biological Sciences.  If you have any EDI concerns or if you would like to volunteer some time in support of equity in our community, please contact us: bgsa@ualberta.ca

If you have more power, remember to listen as much as you talk. And if you have less power remember, to talk as much as you listen. That can be hard when you’re used to hiding. Keep yourself in the present, and don’t obsess over what you should be doing, or could have done differently. Talk to people, don’t get isolated, and remember to empathize, because almost everybody can be changed and transformed.” -Gloria Steinem

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