Crisis Resources


Firstly, if you have been physically injured, including by self harm or attempted suicide, please dial 911 and ask for immediate help.

If you feel that you are in imminent danger of suicide, of hurting yourself, or of hurting someone else, please dial 911 and ask for immediate help.

If you have witnessed another person suffer an injury in person or through remote means, please dial 911 and ask for immediate help.

If someone you know is in imminent risk of harm, please dial 911 and ask for immediate help.


Consider these links and information when you are safe from harm.

Please know you are not alone. These links are just a few connections to a huge community of supportive and helpful people. Why are there so many links? Because so many people care.

Message from the Dean of Students: What really matters now: with compassion, we can help our students

Every one of us has unique needs, so if one link does not pan out, try and try again until you find the right one for you.

Getting Help

Helping Others

Alberta Health helplines

Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642 – for mental health advice 24/7

HealthLink: Call 811 – to find health care and get health advice 24/7

Victim Support

Responding to a Disclosure of Sexual Assault -

Training to Support Victims of Family Violence -

Department of Justice -

Gender based violence -

Exerpted from

If someone you know has experienced or is experiencing gender-based violence there are several things you can do to support them.

  1. Listen empathetically and with no judgement.
  2. Ask about their needs and concerns.
  3. Validate their experiences and what they are sharing with you. Show that you believe and understand them.
  4. Help them take steps to increase their safety.
  5. Help connect them with additional services.
  6. Be aware of your own safety and the safety of other people.

If you or someone you know is at imminent risk, call 911.