Boyce Lab

AGGP Research Output

Due to journal copyright regulations, certain papers cannot be deposited as pdfs on this website.
Please contact Prof. Boyce ( or Dr. Döbert ( direcly for pdf copies.

Select raw project data can be downloaded here: AGGP Data.

– Project overview –

Scientia – Adapting Grassland Grazing to Boost Carbon Sequestration. Click here for weblink: Boyce 2019.

– Peer-reviewed publications –

Rangeland Ecology & Management – Comparative Pasture Management on Canadian Cattle Ranches With and Without Adaptive Multipaddock Grazing. Click here for weblink: Bork et al. (2021).

Agronomy – Adaptive Multi-Paddock Grazing Lowers Soil Greenhouse Gas Emission Potential by Altering Extracellular Enzyme Activity. Click here for weblink: Shresta et al. (2020).

Geoderma – Adaptive multi-paddock grazing improves water infiltration in Canadian grassland soils. Click here for weblink: Döbert et al. (2021).

Science of the Total Environment – Soil greenhouse gas emissions and grazing management in northern temperate grasslands. Click here for weblink: Ma et al. (2021).

– Project summaries –

Project overview: Doebert et al. 2020 Project overview

Management metrics overview: Bork et al. 2020 Mgmt Summary

GHG overview: Shrestha et al. 2020 GHG Summary