Sensory Experience & Brain Development

The Zach Hall Lab at the University of Alberta

Lab officially opened!

With my permanent move to Edmonton and the acquisition of a starting labspace, the Hall lab is officially open at the University of Alberta!


Over the coming the months, I will be outfitting the lab for all future experimentation, completing administrative duties to start up our own zebrafish stocks, and continuing cloning work to support projects for new prospective students. If you’re interested in learning more about our research or joining the lab, feel free to drop by or contain me by e-mail!

Hall Lab opening in January 2020!

The whole team ready for Edmonton.

Hello and welcome! Here at the Hall Lab we have a keen interest in understanding the importance of sensory experience on shaping early brain development. We use zebrafish larvae as a model of postembryonic brain development to study how sensory experience regulates the generation and incorporation of new brain cells early in life, as well as the consequences of these changes on brain growth and subsequent behaviour.

Currently, I (Zach) am finishing up my postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Vince Tropepe at the University of Toronto, however, I will be officially opening my own laboratory at the University of Alberta in January 2020. Accordingly, I am already looking for motivated and enthusiastic prospective grad students who are interested in understanding the larger role the environment plays on shaping neurodevelopment.

If you are interested in joining the lab in Fall 2020 or later, check out the Contact page for my information and drop me a line.