Both my dog, Zeke, and I have made the move back to Edmonton and the lab space is open for business (science)!

Don’t worry if the lab looks a little empty–over the coming weeks, I will be outfitting our space with new equipment to enable the many different, exciting approaches my lab will use to investigate the role of sensory experience in early brain development in zebrafish.

But lab equipment is nothing without students to use it! Accordingly, I am actively looking to recruit students of all levels (undergraduate, MSc, PhD) to help start up my research program at U of A.

Are you interested in the mechanisms through which the things we sense early in life guide ongoing brain development, but need a supportive supervisor eager to study the same thing? Check out the “Research” and “Opportunities” sections of my website and reach out to me (see “Contact”) to see if we could be a good fit in research using exciting, new approaches to experience-dependent brain development.