Yueyang (Brian) Zhang

Yueyang Zhang

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Nanoparticles (NPs) are particles with diameter between 1 to 100 nm. They have been widely used in consumer products, such as sunscreen, antibacterial fibers and pesticides. They are also involved in biological and medical fields for imaging and delivery. The nanotechnology industry will grow into a multi-trillion dollar industry by 2020. With the increasing use of nanoparticles, more NPs will end up in the aquatic environments. “Dose makes the poison”. When NPs in the water column reach high concentration, they have potential to cause various biological effects on aquatic organisms. Therefore, it is important to have a better understanding of the sub-lethal toxic effects of NPs. The goal of my current research project is to determine the effects of UV-light in increasing the sub-lethal toxicity of cerium oxide NPs to cardinal tetras.

For full list of publications, see Yueyang Zhang’s orcID: 0000-0001-9219-7637





University of Alberta Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship (2015-2016)
Canadian Society of Zoologists travel awards (Calgary, Alberta, 2015)
Canadian Society of Zoologists travel awards (Montreal, Québec, 2014)
Philip W. Oland Prize in Chemistry (2013-2014)
Science Atlantic conference, Poster presentation 2nd place (Wolfville, NS, 2013)
J. Fraser Gregory Scholarship (2012-2013)
Miles A. Keirstead Prize in Physics (2011-2012)
J. Fraser Gregory Scholarship (2011-2012)
Richard Laurence Weldon Scholarship (2010-2011)

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