Edyta Jasinska

Edyta Jasinska 2015

Research Associate

PhD (1997, Zoology University of Western Australia)

I work on a wide range of aquatic toxicology projects which all deal with the sensitivity of aquatic organisms to a wide variety of anthropogenic impacts. Some of the projects include effects of chlorinated water on freshwater fishes, influences of tertiary water treatment plant effluents on mussels and fish in the North Saskatchewan River, effects of various polymer flocculants on fish and use of polymer flocculants in water quality management. My original training is in zoology and botany, with a focus on aquatic ecosystems and groundwater–surfacewater interactions. Together with Dr. Goss I also consult with government on aquatic toxicology projects via Aquosity Environmental Consulting Ltd.

For list of publications see Edyta Jasinska’s Google Scholar.

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