The Dinosaur Research Institute (DRI) based in Calgary, Alberta, is offering the ultimate bus tour to experience a highlight of Alberta palaeontology: Grande Prairie! On this trip, you will get:

  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum plus experience using a microscope to search for microfossils, with time to explore the museum galleries
  • The chance to excavate fossils from the famous Pipestone Creek Bone Bed
  • A rafting trip down the Wapiti River
  • A visit to a dinosaur quarry in the Grande Prairie area
  • A hike in the Kleskun Hill Natural Area

…all under the guidance of world-renowned scientists, palaeontologists Dr. Philip Currie and Dr. Corwin Sullivan and palaeobotanist Dr. Eva Koppelhus!

The cost of Dinotour 2023 includes five nights accommodation, all meals, transportation, a guidebook, a T-shirt, and a goodie bag, and all proceeds from this tour support the DRI, which helps support dinosaur research across Alberta, including for palaeontology students here at the University of Alberta!

See this PDF document for more information: Dinotour 2023