Our logo is a stylized depiction of UALVP 2, a well-preserved specimen of the pachycephalosaur Stegoceras. This was the first dinosaur catalogued under the University of Alberta Laboratory for Vertebrate Palaeontology (UALVP). The colours were chosen to match University green and gold.

The images can be downloaded from the links below for personal use (e.g. students or researchers wishing to put the image on a presentation slide). We just ask that you credit your source.

Centennial logo (current)

The current logo was unveiled in tandem with our centennial celebration in 2020. Nearly the entire logo was created using circles that were overlapped to round corners and create complex shapes.


Designed by Matthew Rhodes (2020).

Skeletal logo (secondary)

The secondary logo portrays a running Stegoceras similar to the mounted cast of UALVP 2 on display in the University of Alberta Paleontology Museum. The illustration represents the known (green) and unknown (gold) parts of the specimen.

Skeletal logo

Dino Lab skeletal logo Stegoceras (UALVP 2)

Designed by Victoria Arbour (2011).