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December 2019

The new kid on the block: immigrant males win big whereas females pay fitness cost after dispersal

June 2019

  1. A radical plan to save caribou in Alberta: pick the winners – CBC – The Nature of Things
  2. Highway medians are a source of food for wildlife, study shows

April 2019

  1. The Nature of Things: Remarkable RabbitsCheck out the snowshoe hare and lynx footage all filmed at Squirrel Camp with the help of the hare and lynx crew.
  2. Squirrel Camp: Meet the scientists who live off the grid to study the frisky critter

March 2019

  1. Red squirrel inheritances on Daily VICE
  2. Paper: Clayton et al. Genetic tagging in the Anthropocene: scaling ecology from alleles to ecosystems. Ecological Applications.
    Related News Article: Genetic tagging offers better, less invasive way of tracking animals
  3. Paper: Serrouya et al. Using adaptive management to save endangered species.
    Related News Article: Immediate population management needed to save remaining caribou herds, study shows

January 2019

Chill out: Wolves take snow days too, says study

November 2018

Alberta wildlife group embracing citizen science and using app to track trends

September 2018

SHOULD IT BE SAVED? With limited funds for conservation, researchers spar over which species to save—and which to let go

June 2018

Nowhere to Hide: Changing Landscapes and Predator Highways

Nowhere to hide…

May 2018

Caribou protection money secured by Alberta delegation in Ottawa

March 2018

Male red squirrels kill offspring of rivals, new University of Alberta study suggests

February 2018

Why road closures could help protect North America’s grizzly bear

The Caribou Monitoring Unit (CMU) at the ABMI supports caribou recovery efforts across Western Canada by providing scientific and monitoring services to a broad spectrum of stakeholders.  The Revelstoke Caribou Rearing in the Wild program is one of the projects supported by the CMU.  Please click here to view a recent video describing how local communities, working together, can benefit caribou conservation.

January 2018

Bears and roads don’t mix, say U of A grizzly researchers

October 2017

Lynx research will be featured in the 4th episode (“Winter”) of the CBC documentary series “The Wild Canadian Year”. The Wild Canadian Year airs on Sundays at 8 PM / 8:30 NT on CBC Television. The Winter episode premieres this Sunday, October 15th.

Watch a preview of the series and find more information about the Winter episode here:


October 2017 Best way to save the caribou? Look at white-tailed deer and moose

September 2017

  1. Paper: Neilson, E. and S. Boutin. Human disturbance alters the predation rate of moose in the Athabasca oil sands in Ecosphere
    Related News Article: Wolf behaviour undeterred by tailings ponds and pit mines
  2. Paper: Serrouya et al. Experimental moose reduction lowers wolf density and stops decline of endangered caribou. Peer J, 2017 DOI: 10.7717/peerj.3736
    Related news Articles:

July 2017 – Climate change, not land use, is driving deer north

May 2017 – Stan Boutin received the J. Gordin Kaplan Award for Excellence in Research (Sciences/Engineering), the most prestigious University of Alberta research award

April 2017
How Warming Is Profoundly Changing a Great Northern Wilderness
By Ed Struzik

April 2017 Lynx & hare work: Fur and Fitbit – northern research in the age of gadgetry

April 2017 Red squirrels seem to have a mysterious ability to predict spruce seed bonanza years (Alaska Dispatch News)

February 2017 Hitching a ride with a carnivore

January 2017 Wandering Lynx: Lynx Research in Alaska and Canada
See link to a recent article on long-distance lynx dispersal and general info about our ongoing lynx research

September 2016 Forbidden fruit a fatal temptation for grizzly bears in Southeastern British Columbia

September 2016 Saving caribou University of Alberta biologist and professor Stan Boutin will oversee an advisory panel tasked with monitoring and implementing a caribou management plan for Alberta.

September 2016 Alberta Outdoorsmen article “Should we fence caribou to save wolves?”

22 July 2016 To save caribou, Alberta wants to fence them in (Science)