Boutin Lab

Clayton Lamb, PhD

PhD research: Limits to population growth of an apex omnivore: Untangling the influences of human predation, competing species and high nutritional requirements

Co-supervised by Dr. Stan Boutin and Dr. Scott Nielsen

My research aims to identify the net influence of limiting factors on grizzly bear population growth and its determinants. I will use recent advances in genetic approaches and non-invasive hair collection methods to identify individual animals and estimate population size, track individual survival, reproduction and movements. Specifically, I will test the cumulative effects of human harvest, black bear occurrence and key food resources on grizzly bear demography, and investigate the complex interactions between these factors across the landscape.  In addition, I am using these data to investigate the influence of ecological trap dynamics on this species. Identifying general patterns of demographic variation will inform the research and management of this species across its range as well as provide a rigorous test of population theory


Twitter: @ClaytonTLamb