Boutin Lab

Baily McCulloch, MSc

As a master’s student with Dr. Stan Boutin, I am studying the impact of rapid anthropogenic change on the large carnivores of the boreal forest, focusing on the demographic effects of large-scale apex predator removalin Alberta. I will be using data from the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute’s province-wide camera trap network to examine the ecological impact of wolf removal on coyotes, as well as the factors influencing the spread of coyotes across Alberta under a warming climate.


I hold an Honours Bachelor of Science in Ecology from the University of Toronto, St. George. Raised in Ottawa, I was inspired from a young age by my mother’s career in federal environmental policy; I now aim for my work in theoretical population ecology to have applied wildlife conservation relevance. Outside of academia, I am a dedicated choral singer, lead a local science fiction book club, and make time every summer for a long-distance family hiking trip.


Connect with me at, through my personal website, on Twitter (, or on Instagram (