Birch Gano

I am the assistant researcher for the long standing Ya Ha Tinda Elk Ecology study. I am responsible for organizing and conducting field work. The data I collect will help us to better understand the decline in the YHT elk population and the changes in their migratory behaviour. By doing daily observations, herd counts and classifications, cow:calf resights and investigating mortality sites we can understand the intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of migration and if survival and reproduction success varies in migrant vs resident strategies.

I grew up in Sundre, Alberta and completed my BSc in biology at the University of Victoria. My work experience has primarily been focused on conservation research where I have been able to work closely in the field with several of Canada’s species at risk. I am excited to be back in this beautiful area of Alberta and working on this project which I have always been very interested in and eager to be a part of.