Selected Recent Publications:

  • Noyes N, Phan A, Ravis RL (2021). Memory suppressor genes: Modulating acquisition, consolidation, and forgetting. Neuron 109:3211-3227.
  • Phan A, Thomas CI, Chakraborty M, Berry JA, Kamasawa N, Ravis RL (2019). Stromalin constrains memory acquisition by developmentally limiting synaptic vesicle pool size. Neuron 101:103-118.  *Featured in a Neuron Preview article: Richman EB & Luo L (2019). Suppressing Memories by Shrinking the Vesicle Pool. Neuron 101:5-7.
  • Berry JA, Phan A, Davis RL (2018). Dopamine neurons mediate learning and forgetting through bidirectional modulation of a memory trace. Cell Reports 25: 651–662.
  • Cervantes-Sandoval I, Phan A, Chakraborty M, Davis RL (2017). Reciprocal synapses between mushroom body and dopamine neurons form a positive feedback loop required for learning. eLife 6:e23789.
  • Phan A, Suschkov S, Molinaro L, Reynolds K, Lymer JM, Bailey C, Kow L-M, MacLusky NJ, Pfaff DW, Choleris E. (2015) Rapid increases in immature synapses parallel estrogen-induced hippocampal learning enhancements. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112:16018- 16023.

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