UAlberta Travel Policies

   Travel Expense

   Before you travel

     Departments are under increasing pressure to reduce the amount and number of travel claims.
     The following information provides alternatives to using your personal credit cards for travel. 

     Conference Registrations

Conference fees can be booked using the UAlberta Corporate Card.
       Contact Kim when registering for a conference or workshop. Students must have supervisor’s approval before registration.


     Air Travel

    • TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION PAYMENT (TAP) Form process – The U of A travel service provider is Maritime Travel.
    • You can access their services to book your travel for a nominal fee, or you can book it yourself at no cost.
    • You can use your travel awards programs to collect travel points (e.g. Air Miles®, AeroPlan, etc.) in the same way you can with any booking system.
    • You will have to set up a profile with Maritime. This is done quite simply and not all of the information that is requested is required; (for example: you do not have to provide your passport number).

      Faculty, staff, and students are now expected to use TAP Forms for airline tickets. 

      Useful TAP links

    Steps to Complete a TAP

    1. Use Online Booking or call Maritime Travel at 492-7000 to get a quote for the flight plan. You will need a $ value and a speed code to complete the TAP Form.
    2. Fill out the TAP Form and Generate the TAP Number and print.
    3. Complete your travel reservation using the TAP Number online (free) or contact Maritime Travel (nominal fee will apply).
    4. Keep the email with the TAP number and retain your itinerary and boarding passes and submit them with your travel claim.

     Hotel Accommodations

The U of A has preferred rates and arrangements with many hotels within Canada that can be reserved with a speed code.
You are encouraged to use the HAP Form for their Canadian destinations wherever possible to avoid out-of- pocket costs.

     Steps to Complete a HAP

    1. To see if an eligible hotel exists for your destination, use the “Hotel Accommodation” drop down box and locate the city. If your destination is not in the drop down box, HAP cannot be used. A Travel Advance, if needed, can then be applied for.
    2. Contact the hotel to get a quote (including taxes) and availability for the dates of your travel. Tell them you are booking with a HAP Form, and that you are from the University of Alberta.
    3. Complete your HAP Form. You will need a speed code to complete the form. Add any incidentals such as parking, smoking, and guaranteed room using the drop down boxes near the end of the form. Generate the HAP Number.
    4. Complete your booking by providing the HAP Number to the hotel, and obtaining your Confirmation Number. Hand write that Confirmation Number on the HAP Form.
    5. Forward the email you receive to the hotel to confirm your room (important!).

    A Final Note on Expense Claims

    • Provide a conference program or itinerary with your claim if you attended a scientific meeting. Note: If meals are provided in the cost of the registration, you are expected to avail yourself of them – you cannot claim a per diem for that meal.
      Canadian and US per diems are: Breakfast $10, Lunch $10, and Dinner $25 ($45/day)
      International per diems are: Breakfast $15, lunch $15, Dinner $36 ($66/day)
    • Submit your boarding passes for airline or ground transportation with your expense claim.
    • Ensure that the GST is the exact value on the receipt. The system does not always calculate correctly – especially for expense types that may typically include tips (cabs, meals).
    • Please scan all receipts as they need to be attached to the on-line claim.
    • Combine like expenses into a single line. Use the last date of the expense as the date on your claim entry. Where possible, and particularly if complex, please attach a spreadsheet or schedule listing each receipt and total dollar value by category.
    • Remember that if you don’t fully submit your claim by clicking “OK”, we cannot track the progress until you do; and it will delay your processing until you discover you haven’t been paid. This is a common error.
    • Check with us if you haven’t received payment within 2 weeks of submitting your claim. It likely means there is a problem in the system that requires attention.

For non-travel expense claims under $50, you are encouraged to consider alternatives such as the  UA Corporate Card before you purchase.

Many fixes to common problems have been made available here (pdf). Please take an opportunity to review these helpful hints.