Pijush Panday

Pijush joined the Lewis Research Group as a postdoctoral researcher in April 2022. His research area is in mathematical modelling of ecological and epidemiological systems. He is working on modelling early warning signals for emerging infectious diseases via machine learning and statistical approaches. He is also interested in nonlinear dynamics, eco-evolutionary dynamics, and social-ecological modeling.

Pijush carried out his Ph.D. at the Agricultural and Ecological Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and was awarded his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Calcutta, Kolkata in 2021. In his doctoral research, he has developed mathematical models incorporating fear effect in predator-prey interaction and investigated how behavioral aspects such as changes in prey behavior under predation risk strongly affect the dynamics, stability and persistence of populations of the system. He served a brief stint as a Postdoctoral fellow at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and as a Visiting Scientist at Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Pijush completed his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Mathematics from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

Contact info: ppanday@ualberta.ca