Nick Paroshy

Nick is a Master’s student who joined the lab in September 2021 through the Department of Biological Sciences and is interested in ecological questions regarding polar bears. Currently, he is working on polar bear movement patterns and predator-prey dynamics between polar bears and seals. These two primary topics are aiding to understand how polar bears may be impacted by the effects of climate change and reduced sea ice. Nick is co-supervised by Dr. Andrew Derocher.

Previously, Nick completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, undertaking a thesis project with Dr. John Fryxell. This project focused on comparatively evaluating various habitat selection models, in reference to the spatial ecology of boreal woodland caribou, an endangered species in northern Ontario. Before that, Nick worked as a field technician for the Kluane Red Squirrel Project and ForestGEO, two multiple institutional projects.

Nick spends a majority of his time off doing outdoor activities, such as frolicking through the forest looking for squirrels, climbing steep rocks, and reaching false peaks for sunrises.