Azadeh Aghaeeyan

Azadeh, as a joint postdoctoral researcher, is working on integrating human decision making and epidemiological models to reveal the human impact on epidemics. To do so, she is employing evolutionary game theory and SIR models.

Azadeh obtained her PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran in 2020. In her doctoral research, she has proposed new approaches to control a class of hybrid dynamical systems with application to anti-cancer dose-regimen design. She holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering. Her master thesis was concerned with formation control of heterogeneous robots.

Azadeh has been involved in some projects such as design of data center infrastructures, aerial and mobile robots collaboration, and user interface development for an industrial laboratory. She has some teaching experience both as a teaching assistant and as a sessional lecturer in some undergraduate courses.

Contact info: aaghaeeyan <at>