Yuhe (Henry) He


Postdoctoral Fellow

I am an environmental scientist with research background of aquatic toxicology/biology, environmental risk assessment, reclamation and remediation, particularly on the aquatic issues related to unconventional oil – oil sand and hydraulic fracturing. My research interests involve developing and validating a variety of aquatic toxicity assays and biomarkers that can be applied on detection, monitoring, and remediation programs pertinent to various contamination issues, especially on oil and gas contaminants. Before I came to University of Alberta, I worked on toxicity assessment of Oil Sand Produced-affected Water (OSPW) as my PhD project in University of Saskatchewan, focusing on endocrine disruptive and embryotoxic effects of OSPW on one of representative western Canada fish model, fathead minnow. Currently, I am working on the project of toxicity assessment on hydraulic fracturing (HF) flowback and produced water (FPW), focusing on the toxic effects of FPW on energy consumption, ion regulation, xenobiotics metabolism, oxidative stress, and endocrine disruption in various aquatic animal models including Daphnia, zebrafish, and rainbow trout. I also work on testing the acute toxicity of several nanopesticide formulations produced by VIVE Crop Protection.

For full list of publications, see Yuhe He’d orcID: 0000-0001-9211-4539



Nominee for Canadian Association of Graduate Student/University Microfilm International (CAGS/UMI) Distinguished Dissertation Award (CAGS/UMI, 2013)
Nominee for University Graduate Thesis Award (University of Saskatchewan, 2013)
Graduate Teaching Scholarship (University of Saskatchewan, 2012)
Travel awards from SETAC North America (SETAC NA annual meeting, Portland, 2010)
Travel awards from Veterinary Medicine School, University of Saskatchewan (SETAC NA annual meeting, New Orleans, 2009)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship (HKJC, 2005)
Mr. Sze Tung Hoi Memorial Scholarships (City University of Hong Kong, 2005)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship (HKJC, 2004)
Industrial Attachment Scheme Outstanding Student Award (City University of Hong Kong, 2004)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship (HKJC, 2003)
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship (HKJC, 2002)