Tamzin Blewett


Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests are very broad but revolve around comparative physiology and toxicology, with a focus on understanding the mechanisms that lead to toxicity in aquatic organisms, exposed to a variety of toxicants. Currently I am studying the effects of the ultimate toxicological mixture – Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid – to the water flea (Daphnia magna) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). I have been conducting acute and chronic exposures with these mixtures looking at behavioural, physiological, cellular, biochemical and molecular biomarkers of exposure and effect. Previously, I conducted research examining the mechanisms of Ni toxicity in the marine environment, focusing the interactions between water chemistry (dissolved organic carbon, pH, salinity) and organism physiology. In the Goss lab, I have other ongoing research projects and interests that include nanopesticide toxicity in freshwaters, and comparative physiology of the Pacific Hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii).


For full list of publications, see Tamzin Blewett’s orcID: 0000-0001-6834-1571




(2017-2019) NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowships ($CAD 90,000)
(2016) SETAC Chris Lee Award Winner ($USD 5,000)
(2014-2015) Brian Mason Foundation Trust Grant for Research, New Zealand. Associate Investigator ($NZ 14,500)
(2014) Investigating the effect of DOC on Ni toxicity in native NZ species (£UK 2,500). Journal of Experimental Biology Travel Fellowship, Company of Biologists.
(2014) McMaster University Biology Graduate Day Oral Winner ($CAD 350), Oral presentation winner
(2014) Biology Graduate Student Achievement Award ($CAD 150), Outstanding research publication award for environmental physiology
(2014) NiPERA – Invitee to Aquatic Toxicology Workshop ($CAD 1,000), Invited to present at Aquatic Toxicology Workshop – fully funded conference travel and accommodation
(2014) International Congress on the Biology of Fish ($USD 325), Travel award
(2013) Elizabeth Mae Bursary ($CAD 1,000)
(2012) Society of Experimental Biology (£UK 500), Travel award
(2012) Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry ($US 500), Travel award
(2012-2016) Canadian Society of Zoologists ($CAN 250 per year), Travel award
(2011) McMaster Biology Graduate Scholarship ($CAN 1,000)
(2011) McMaster Entrance Scholarship ($CAN 1,000)
(2004) Wilfrid Laurier Entrance Scholarship ($CAN 1,000)