Salvatore Blair

Postdoctoral Fellow

My PhD research focuses on the osmoregulatory ability of salmonids in relation to the uptake and excretion of salts under varying environmental stresses. I am currently examining the roles of sodium uptake mechanisms in rainbow trout, namely the sodium hydrogen exchangers (NHE). Additionally, my work focuses on the salinity tolerance of salmonids that have been isolated to freshwater for long periods of time, such as the Arctic grayling.  This includes investigation into their ability to compensate osmotic stresses resulting from incidental releases of high saline produced water originating from the oil and gas industry. This area of my research falls into my passion for the field of conservation physiology, which allows me to incorporate functional physiological data gained in the lab and apply it towards conservation efforts in making informed decisions concerning the management of a certain species; in this case threatened native salmonids.

For full list of publications, see Salvatore Blair’s orcID: 0000-0002-9359-1027


University of Alberta Doctoral Recruitment Scholarship: 2011
Department of Biological Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award: 2013
Dr Richard E (Dick) Peter Memorial Graduate Scholarship at U of A: Oct 2013
Graduate Student Service Award: Feb 2014
D. Alan Birdsall Memorial Scholarship: June 2014
Mary Louise Imrie Graduate Student Award: Aug 2014
Dr Richard E (Dick) Peter Memorial Graduate Scholarship at U of A: Oct 2014