Marcos Cunha-Cordeiro

Postdoctoral Fellow

Marcos Cordeiro holds a PhD degree in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Manitoba, along with other undergraduate and graduate degrees in both engineering and environmental sciences. Marcos has experience in engineering principles and scientific methods applied to water resources engineering in the context of risk assessment of water scarcity/availability and quality, including soil and groundwater assessment, water resources’ management, analysis and modeling of hydrologic and water quality data at several spatial scales, geophysical investigation of the vadose zone, geographical information systems and remote sensing analyses, and meteorological monitoring. He has held previous postdoc positions at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan and at the University of Manitoba. Currently, Marcos is working on determining the Water Footprint of the beef industry in Alberta, which is a collaboration project between the University of Alberta and AAFC.




Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

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Cordeiro, M. R. C., D. Flaten, D. Lobb, H. Wilson. 2016. Beneficial management practices for the application of manure on tile-drained lands: a review of literature. University of Manitoba, 98pp. Report available at:

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Awards in the past five years

E. Muir Scholarship for Graduate Students in Biosystems Engineering. University of Manitoba (2013)