Current Research interests

Ecology, conservation, and management of large Arctic mammals focussing on polar bears. Interests centre on limiting and regulating factors of polar bear populations including habitat use, harvest effects, and predator-prey relationships. Current research includes assessment of the effects of climate change and toxic chemicals on polar bears.

Ecology and Conservation of Northern Carnivores

Large carnivore ecology, conservation, and management are the focus of projects in my lab. My interests are to conduct research to improve our understanding the ecology of large carnivores with specific reference to how they are affected by human activities. My research over the past 20 years has focussed on polar bears but I have a broad interest in all carnivores and plans are to expand the number of species as opportunities arise. My main focus will be north of 60° N working in cooperation with territorial and federal government agencies.

Current species under study are polar bears in the Beaufort Sea and Hudson Bay, grizzly bears in the Mackenzie Delta, and wolves in the Central Rockies Ecosystem.

Polar bear ecology

Polar bear habitat in the Barents Sea near Kong Karls Land

Measuring the skull length of an adult male polar bear for assessing age-related growth patterns.

Measuring foreleg guard hairs on an adult male polar bear to assess sexual dimorphism relative to mating ecology.

Grizzly bears in the Mackenzie Delta

Placing a GPS –ARGOS satellite linked telemetry collar on an adult female grizzly bear near Inuvik, NT. The objective of this study is to examine the habitat use and movements of grizzly bears in the oil and gas development in the Mackenzie Delta to develop mitigative measures.

A large adult male being placed into a standard position for measurements.