Student Theses

Chris Heggerud, PhD – Fall 2021
Modelling phytoplankton across many scales: transient dynamics, human interactions, and niche differentiation in the light spectrum

Jessa Marley, MSc – Fall 2020
Animal Selection and Movement Analysis: Finding Missed Connections

Sam Fischer, PhD – Spring 2020
Quantitative Methods for Controlling the Spread of Invasive Species

Dean Koch, PhD – Spring 2020
The Spread of the Mountain Pine Beetle: Challenges and Solutions in Large-scale Spatial Ecological Modeling

Nathan Marculis, PhD – Fall 2019
Integrodifference models for neutral genetic patterns and trade-offs in ecology

Melodie Kunegel-Lion, PhD – Fall 2019
Modelling Mountain Pine Beetle Population Dynamics and Management: A Case Study from the Cypress Hills

Jody Reimer, PhD – Fall 2019
Predator and Prey, Past, Present, and Projected: Modelling Polar Bears and Ringed Seals in a Dynamic Arctic

Ulrike Schlaegel, PhD – Fall 2015
Models on the Move: Memory and Temporal Discretization in Animal Movement

Stephanie Peacock, PhD – Fall 2015
People, predators and parasites: Unexpected dynamics of sea lice in Pacific Canada

Marie Auger-Methe, PhD – Fall 2014
Walking in Their Footsteps: New Approaches to Identify Behavioural Processes and Define Home Ranges Using Animal Movement Data

Harshana Rajakaruna, PhD – Fall 2013
Effect of fluctuating temperature and propagule flow on invasibility of global marine habitats and species distribution

Andria Dawson, PhD, – Fall 2013
Models for Forest Growth and Mortality: Linking Demography to Competition and Climate

Jeanette Wheeler, MSc – Fall 2010
Temperature-dependent butterfly dynamics

Jaime Ashander, MSc – Fall 2010
Effects of parasite exchange between wild and farmed salmon

Justin Marleau, MSc – Fall 2009
Modelling early plant primary succession on Mount St. Helens

Peter Molnar, PhD – 2009
Modelling Future Impacts of Climate Change and Harvest on the Reproductive Success of Female Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus)

Christopher Jerde, PhD – 2008
The arrival and establishment of non-indigenous species: mechanisms, uncertainty, and prediction

Raluca Eftimie, PhD – 2008
Modeling group formation and activity patterns in self- organizing communities of organisms

Tomas de Camino Beck, PhD – 2006
Theoretical Considerations For Biological Control: A Case Study with Scentless Chamomile

Hannah White McKenzie, MSc – 2006
Linear features impact predator-prey encounters: analysis with first passage time

Amy Hurford, MSc – 2005
Wolf movement within and beyond the territory boundary