1. Animal Movement Modelling
    • Learning and animal movement
    • Memory and animal movement
    • Continuous-time movement models
  2. Ecological Dynamics in Aquatic Systems
    • Coral Reefs
    • Spot Prawns
    • Polar Bears
    • Cyanobacteria
  3. Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak Dynamics
    • Case study of Cypress Hills outbreaks
    • Large-scale dynamical models with spatial autocorrelation
    • Machine learning methods for predicting insect outbreaks
  4. Population Spread and Invasive Species Dynamics
    • Models for spreading populations
    • Response of populations to climate change
    • Genetic diversity for spreading populations
    • Zebra mussel spread and control
  5. Wildlife Disease Modelling
    • Spatio-temporal dynamics of Chronic Wasting Disease
    • Human impacts on Chronic Wasting Disease
    • Sea Lice infections in networks of salmon farms
    • Spatio-temporal dynamics of macroparasites