How to run Server Software

X11 (Running Remote Linux Apps Graphically)

To be able to run software graphically from remote servers, you will need to use X11.  This is built in for Linux desktops but for Windows and the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion, it must be installed.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Requires XQuartz to be installed in order to use X11 (see:


Requires X11 software such as Xming (see: )


Download and install:


Follow the below instructions (Replacing ‘wireshark’ with ‘xterm’ when encountered):

1) select multiple windows

2) select start a program

3) Then choose ‘Use Putty’ on the next page, and enter the server such
as ‘’ along with your username.

4) Defaults for the next page

5) Then save the configuration, say to your Desktop, so you can easily run it next time.

When you run it, you should get prompted for your password and then get
an xterm window appearing (sometimes it appears behind another program
out of view, just minimize windows in front to check), and from xterm
you can run software as explained in the next section.

Server Software

After connecting to a server (see: Connecting to Servers), you can run the following software by following the instructions below.


Run using: matlab

Show help for matlab commandline options: matlab -h

Run without graphical display: matlab -nojvm


Run using: R