Guidelines for Writing Grant Proposals

Lab discussion on writing good grant proposals

Lewis Lab tips for successful for writing a successful grant proposal.

Resources on grantsmanship:

  • Grey, M. (2000). “Top 10 tips for successful grantsmanship.” Research in Nursing & Health 23(2): 91-92. (pdf)
  • Moffat, A. S. (1994). “The Money Hunt – Grantsmanship – What Makes Proposals Work.” Science 265(5180): 1921-1922. (pdf)
  • Schepers, J. S., E. J. Sadler, et al. (2000). “Grantsmanship hints.” Agronomy Journal 92(1): 1-5. (pdf)
  • Jones S.P. and Bundy A. Writing a good grant proposal. (website) This webpage has hints for people writing a grant proposal, including criteria, approach and common shortcomings. This is written for computer science grants, but the suggestions are very general.
  • Writing grants from the Alberta Einstein College of Medicine. (website) Guidelines on how to write the best grant proposals with particular emphasis on medical sciences.
  • NOAA suggestions on how to write grants. (website)
  • NSERC guidelines for writing a winning proposal. (pdf)
  • University of Wisconsin links to further grant writing resources. (website)