Former Master’s Students

Name Degree received Thesis Where Are They Now?
Kelsey Gritter 2022 Individual-based movement model of mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) contacts and application to artificial attractants University of Alberta
Jessa Marley 2020 Animal Selection and Movement Analysis: Finding Missed Connections Data Science Consultant – Avanade
Calgary, Alberta
Broghan Erland 2019 Assessing Errors in Greenhouse Gas Flux Measurements from Mineable and in Situ Oil Sands Transferred to Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
Jaime Ashander 2010 Effects of parasite exchange between wild and farmed salmon Computational scientist studying complex biological dynamics in changing and human-influenced environments at Land, Water, and Nature Program – Resources for the Future (RFF)
Washington, DC
Jeanette Wheeler 2010 Temp-dependent population dynamics of Parnassium smintheus … Postdoctoral Researcher with the Stocker Lab, Environmental Microfluidics Group
Institute of Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil, Environmental, and
Geomatic Engineering,
ETH Zürich
Justin Marleau 2009 Modelling early plant primary succession Research Associate at McGill University
Hannah MacKenzie 2006 and 2010 Linear features impact predator-prey encounters: analysis with first passage time (2006), Effect of flow on population dynamics in streams (2010)
Amy Hurford 2005 Wolf movement within and beyond the territory boundary Associate Professor jointly appointed in the Department of Biology and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Memorial University of Newfoundland
Brenlyn Thiroit MStat project
Utah 2000
MStat project – Analysis and simulation of pair-wise distances between lupine plants on Mt St Helene
Lora Newman
(nee Ballinger)
Utah 1999 Yellowstone Elk Migration: a dynamic programming model PhD Student at University of Cincinnati
Steve Parrish Utah 1998 Analysis of a Home Range Model: Pattern Formation from Scent-Marking
Greg Schmitz Utah 1993 A model for the spread of genetically engineered microbes